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Our Mission At iBroken Canada

Make People’s Lives Better

This includes our employees, our customers, and our owners – in that order.

We believe happy employees make happy customers. Happy customers create a successful business.

It’s that simple.

Our Values

We have a list of 7 core values we try to live by. These not only help us succeed but give us a guiding light when trying to make hard decisions. They also help us evaluate our employees, our management, our processes, and everything else about our business.

  1. Honesty & transparency through great communication at all levels.
  2. Building great teams.
  3. Empowerment.
  4. Curiosity & learning.
  5. High-quality performance.
  6. Hard work.
  7. Accountability.

The Employee Experience

What’s it like to work at iBroken Canada? We think it’s a pretty great experience. We give all of our stores the freedom to express the personalities of the people that work there. You will see some commonality between stores but you won’t see cookie cutter stores. This is because our employees have a diverse set of interests and backgrounds and we give them the opportunity to express themselves.

We also do our best to make sure we take care of our employees financially. Along with 2 days off in a row we also try to do regular game nights such as poker, pool, arcade, and escape rooms along with some tasty food. All of these perks have come proactively. The owners of the company feel that as the business improves, so should compensation for everyone.

The Customer Experience

We’d hate for anyone to think that because we put our employees first that we neglect the customer experience. Quite the opposite. We put a tremendous amount of effort into creating not only great workspaces but also a great customer experience.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for that, you can just check out what our past customers have to say about us.

  1. High-quality repairs. The cell phone repair business can be a bit like the wild west. Fortunately, we’ve been in business for many years and have found great vendors. This allows us to source high-quality parts at a competitive price.
  2. Fast repair service. If you have a broken iPhone, the odds are we can get it fixed within 60-90 minutes (with appointment). iPads generally take a little longer because of the process as we want to make sure it is repaired correctly.
  3. Vey competitive pricing. We may not beat the pricing of the random guy on Kijiji that’s fixing iPhones in his/her or his/her parent’s basement, but we are among the most competitively priced professional repair shops you will find. Remember cheaped doesn’t always mean better. It’s better to pay once and not twice.
  4. Cool locations. All of our stores are located in great neighborhoods/shopping areas with other great stores and restaurants or malls nearby. This means if you want to get your phone fixed over lunch, you’ll have lots of tasty options. Just ask any of our technicians for a recommendation.
  5. Optional protection plans. You know what’s worse than breaking your iPhone? Getting it fixed and then breaking it again 2 weeks later. Ask our techs for details!