iPhone 7 Plus Repair 

iBroken is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our highly trained technicians have spent countless hours bringing customers iPhone 7 Plus + back to life. This experience ensures that your iPhone 7 Plus +  gets the best possible care that it deserves. Get your iPhone 7 Plus + repaired in Calgary.

**All prices include parts & labour. Prices are subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of booking.

***Dent repairs that impede the screen from sitting and cause technical problems with repairing your device are an additional $10 per corner. Bend repair to the frames will be priced accordingly in person depending on the severity of the bend. Dent and Bend repairs are not cosmetic repairs.  

****If the iPhone does not power on, a minimum charge of $39.95 diagnostic fee will be charge before the attempted repair. Unfortunately we are unable to accept the customers own personal diagnoses of their device . 

iBroken Canada is a customer satisfaction driven company. We are just regular people helping regular people. Broken iPhone 7 Plus + glass? Bad iPhone 7 Plus + home button? We can fix it. Every single screw goes back to where it came from. The way it should be.
Professional iPhone 7 Plus + screen replacement and iPad screen repair. If you’ve tried to fix your iPhone 7 Plus + screen repair yourself but aren’t able to finish the job, we can help with that too. You break it, we fix it!

iPhone 7 Plus + Repair Calgary

The iPhone 7 Plus + is the 7th iPhone released by Apple. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was announced on September 7, 2016 and screens, power buttons, and batteries began breaking soon after. The models are as follows: A1660, A1778, & A 1779
The parts across for these models are the same and most repairs can be fixed within an hour. iBroken Canada offers iPhone 7 Plus +  screen replacements in 60 – 90 minutes.
The iPhone 7 Plus +  is also known to have poor battery life. The battery on the iPhone 7  Plus + can be changed in less than 45 minutes.
iBroken Canada also is easily able to replace the dock connector on the iPhone 7 Plus +  in about 60 minutes. The Dock Connector on the 7 Plus +  is the same component that regulates the charging and the headphone jack. If your iPhone 7 Plus + has any issue pertaining to that listed above, this is the repair you’ll need.
If your iPhone 7 Plus +  Camera doesn’t open, has spots, or is blurry you may need a new camera, iBroken Canada can fix that as well. Bring it in so we can diagnose it, and if we can fix it, we’ll have you in and out ASAP.
Contact us today so we can fix it and get your iPhone 7 Plus back up and running smoothly!