Do you guys repair Androids?

No sorry, we don’t repair any other device. We have focused our business on repairing only iPhone and iPads.

I may have private information on my device. How do I know that you won’t look at it?

We totally understand your concern. We’d ask the same question. All we can say is this. We have a stellar reputation for privacy, and are trusted by many influential people. We have a huge amount of respect for our clients privacy. We are professionals. We would never jeopardize our reputation by looking at our clients personal information. With that said, please be aware that our policy is that we will not perform any repair on any device that a customer or client refuses to let us test with the passcode unlocked. We are happy to have you unlock it in front of us and let us test it before and after, we need to test the microphones, cameras and other electronic parts. This is just our policy.

Is iBroken Canada a franchise?

Not at this time. Please reach out to us if you have an interest in opening an iBroken Store in your area!

Do you also repair iPads on the Spot?

iPads unfortunately due to the nature of the repair can not be repaired on the spot. Crack screen removal requires heat to remove the screen and all existing adhesives from the frame.

Will my data be safe during the repair?

Your data will safe during the repair, However we highly recommend backing up your data prior to the service, we are not liable for lost data on your phone. To learn how to back up your device click here.

What is the repair warranty?

iBroken offers a 30 day warranty. This added security is to make sure your repairs are always operating smoothly. The warranty will cover parts and labor for our repairs and replaced parts that malfunction. Of course, accidental damages are not covered under our warranty. Please see our warranty policy page for more info.

How long will it take to repair my iPhone or iPad?

Most iPhone repairs will take 60 – 90 minutes depending on the damage and appointments that precede your repair. iPads unfortunately due to the nature of the repair cannot be repaired on the spot. Crack screen removal requires heat to remove the screen and all existing adhesives from the frame. We offer a 24-36 business hour turnaround for iPad Repairs.

How do I pay for my repair and do I get a receipt?

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa & MasterCard for payment. We supply you with a receipts for your records.

Can I leave my phone locked?

We ask you to remove or provide your passcode before the repair. There are a few reasons for this. On every device, we run through a pre-repair and post-repair diagnostics checklist to ensure all major functions are working. This helps us diagnose issues and find repair solutions and it also allows us to fully test the repair after the fact to ensure the high quality of service and performance we pride ourselves on.

How do I request a repair?

Easy and it takes no more than 60 seconds  Book Now

Do you offer unlocking services?

For Unlocking pricing please click UNLOCK YOUR DEVICE

Do you backup/restore iPhone and iPad data before repair?

No we do not backup/restore. It is your responsibility to backup data before your device is repaired. We are not responsible for any data lost during repair