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Repair iPhone Calgary – Your Traveling iPhone/iPad Repair Service!


Repair iPhone Calgary….Virtually everything we do today we do online, from banking to bill paying to shopping. If any of our devices break or stop working for any reason our lives seem to fall apart, and it is usually never the right time to send your phone in for repairs. Because everything is done online shouldn’t there be an online repair iPhone Calgary company? One that will provide us with a repair person when and where you need them so we can get our device running smoothly and get on with our lives? Introducing, the online Calgary and area traveling iPhone/iPad repair solution! What we are all about

iBroken is an innovative new online company which provides fast repair iPhone Calgary and repair iPad Calgary repair service right where you are at! There is no need to borrow a loaner iPhone from your carrier while your iPhone is sent in for repairs; no more having your iPhone come back with all your apps and other information completely erased, and no more carrying around a broken device because you simply can’t afford the time away from it. Simply go online for service and a tech will be sent right to you. Your repairs will be carried out quickly and efficiently and you can get on with your life fast!

How it works

It’s simple! iBroken does not have a physical shop for you take your device to; you just call, text, or book a repair online with them from wherever you are and they will come to you. They will do all diagnostics and any battery replacement or removal, as well as a subsequent quality check, right in front of you.

If you are dealing with an iPhone with a cracked or broken screen this can be repaired on the spot in about a half-hour. iPads, on the other hand, will need to be taken to repair the screen, as heat is needed to remove the old one. No worries though; iBroken provides free pick-up and delivery service of any device which needs to be taken for repair. They have extremely competitive prices and use only high quality Premium+ parts to repair any of your iPhone’s issues. It’s fast, affordable, convenient, and perfect for any type of broken Apple device, including iPhone phone jack, iPhone speaker phone, and iPhone charging port repair. iBroken can take care of virtually anything for you!

Is my data safe during repairs? Do you do backups prior to commencing?

While your data will be safe during any repair process conducted it is recommended with emphasis that you conduct a back-up prior to sending out any device. If you are unsure how to do this just click here for instructions. iBroken doesn’t assume responsibility for lost data, so please take advantage of the instructional link above.

All parts used by iBroken are High Quality, ensuring proper repair and smooth functioning of your device. There is no need to go through repairs again and again due to faulty part use so take advantage of the best parts and service by using for all your emergency iPhone and iPad repair need.

Does provide any type of warranty on their services?

With iBroken you have the option of a hassle-free warranty on all iPhone repairs conducted by our professional staff and on the parts we use in the repair. You get only the very best products and services when you use for your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device or accessory repair.

(PLEASE NOTE: It is important to know that does not conduct any type of ‘jailbreak’ services on any device. Please do not offer compensation for these services.)

It is imperative that iBroken maintain their reputation as a top-notch, efficient, and highly-reputable traveling iPhone/iPad repair service, and they desire to handle all of our repair needs with efficiency, concern, and promptness in all aspects. They are very courteous and careful in explanation. They are patient and will treat your device as though it were one of their own, devoting their experience and extensive knowledge to the device dilemmas at hand. wants to be your exclusive mobile Apple device repair company, and they have what it takes to earn your trust. Let them show you what we can do for your broken phone or tablet today!

What about cost? How can I pay?

This is, perhaps the most important question after, ‘Can you fix my phone now?’ You have checked out similar services, and there are many but the prices are astronomical! iBroken will relieve that pressure. Look, these items cost too much money for you to continually pour money into them, particularly when it will be out of date in a few months anyway.

iBroken accepts MasterCard, Visa, debit and cash. You will always get a very thorough, concise itemization of any services rendered and the price of each, with parts included. If you ever have a concern regarding charges on your repair bill all you need to do is give the customer service team a call; they will tie things up just right for everyone involved, and correct any mistakes which have been made.

Now, repair costs depend on the damage and the device. iBroken service Apple devices and use only quality parts completely compatible with these products. Because of the variety of repairs which are needed by consumers and provided by iBroken prices vary greatly. I will say that while they use high-quality, all Premium+parts they do not take advantage of the consumer by using low end copy parts as they wouldn’t use them in their own devices for many reasons. This is why the repair services offered by iBroken are so innovative; they work brilliantly and they cost less, while STILL catering to your life’s needs!


Even for the housewife or house husband our devices are essential. We make purchases, manage accounts, pay bills, schedule, diet, listen to music…the list goes on and on. iBroken exists to take care of your emergency broken iPhone and iPad needs when you need them taken care of, and we do it right from start to finish in all aspects. You will never again turn to a company which does low-grade work with low grade parts. Schedule your repairs with iBroken today!


  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus +
  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad4, iPad mini, iPad air


  • iPhone Cracked broken screen replacement
  • iPhone Power button repair
  • iPhone Head phone jack repair
  • iPhone Volume button repair
  • iPhone Home button repair
  • iPhone Battery Replacement
  • iPhone Charging port repair
  • iPhone Mic / Speakerphone repair
  • Plus a lot more!

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